Xbox Live users are having a weird issue where they can’t access their friends list. Xbox Live is one of the most popular gaming services around, especially since it helped popularize online gaming for consoles in the early 2000s. players to create a friend list of hundreds of people, create parties, share videos and photos, and much more. It’s a staple of Xbox and if you play games on the Microsoft-owned platform, chances are you have an account there. Xbox Live has even expanded to other platforms like PC and Nintendo Switch for certain titles.

However, it is also prone to issues from time to time. Users of social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit are reporting that their Xbox Live friends lists are disappearing from their menus. can verify these claims because we were only able to see three friends in total out of what should have been a hundred on a writer’s profile. Even for those who can see their friends, they encounter empty profiles. They’re just greyed-out profiles with no names, pictures, or options to interact with that person so you can’t join their group or invite them. Others see other weird things, but the fact is that friend lists are being bugged right now. It’s a little messy, but Xbox has updated Xbox status page and confirmed that he is aware of the problem. The company is working to fix this issue, but it’s unclear how long it will take.

I just turned on my xbox to find that my friends list has been pretty much wiped out and all recent players have Chinese names. Thoughts? of

In any case, this problem is temporary and you should monitor the situation. Hopefully the issue will be resolved by the end of the night so people can play with their friends before going to bed. Xbox is usually pretty quick to resolve these issues, based on past incidents, but there’s no way to tell how long it will take for the platform holder to resolve this situation.

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