Xbox users are experiencing issues in several service areas related to Xbox Live and Xbox consoles. Gamers started reporting on social media that they were having problems logging in, playing, and other actions that made it quite difficult to have a seamless online experience, and soon after those reports began to to surface, official Xbox accounts have confirmed that there are in fact issues affecting these systems.

Via the Xbox support account, the same one that always informs players whenever something is wrong with the various online systems and other Xbox functions, players were notified earlier that the Xbox team was at running issues affecting logins and game launches, among other issues. . After an update or two on this, the Xbox team said these multiple issues affect “a subset of users”, but it’s unclear how many are affected.

“A subset of users will be unable to connect to Xbox Live,” Xbox said. “In addition, users will not be able to register new consoles or launch games and applications.”

As others were quick to point out, these issues couldn’t have come at a worse time as they started to hit in the middle of Saturday when people were understandably at home and able to hang out on their consoles. The official support page confirms that the “Account and profile”, “Cloud gaming and remote gaming”, “Games and games” and “Apps and mobile” services currently have “Limited” functionality, which means roughly everything you would want to do with an Xbox is affected by these outages.

Luckily, these issues usually don’t last too long, so they will hopefully be fixed soon. As usual, the Xbox support account will alert Xbox users with updates on this, so expect to see news there once these issues are resolved.

In the meantime, Xbox users can continue to look forward to the big event scheduled for Sunday. Microsoft announced not long ago that it would be hosting an Xbox and Bethesda-focused event on June 12, and only this week we learned how long the event will last.


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