It looks like the Xbox Live service is suffering some major issues this weekend as Xbox Live once again appears to be down for users.

Update 6/13: Xbox Live services were restored to full functionality very early this morning. No reason was given for the outages.

The original story follows.

This weekend has been a roller coaster ride for Xbox fans. For one thing, fans were treated to the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, which gave them a sneak peek at some major new games all set to launch on Xbox consoles over the next 12 months. On the other hand, actually playing on his Xbox console proved difficult this weekend, because Xbox Live collapsed on Saturday June 11 and collapsed again on Sunday June 12.


Microsoft resolved the Xbox Live issues that occurred on June 11 within hours of being reported, but it’s unclear how long the latest outage will last. It’s also unclear exactly how widespread the latest Xbox Live outage is. Xbox Live isn’t working on our end, and we were actually kicked out of a game we were playing. However, others have reported no issues connecting to Xbox Live and playing Xbox games.

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The good news is that Microsoft is well aware of the current issues with Xbox Live and the company is working to resolve them. The Xbox Support Twitter page has confirmed that the main current issues are launching games and buying games in the marketplace. No timeline has been given for when Xbox users can expect the current Xbox Live service issues to be resolved, but based on past outages, it will likely be resolved sooner rather than later.

Is Xbox Live down?

This weekend’s Xbox Live issues mirror issues the service was experiencing this time last month. As some may recall, Xbox Live went down several times in early May, with one weekend in particular impacted by the issues. Xbox Live is generally a reliable service, so hopefully Microsoft can figure out what’s been causing the outages lately and put an end to them.

While Xbox Live works more than it doesn’t, it’s worth pointing out that it actually drops more than the competition. A study from last year, which looked at a year’s worth of data, found Xbox Live to drop more often than Sony’s PlayStation Network.

We’ll update this article when Xbox Live services have been restored.

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