Microsoft recently caused a stir on the Internet by announcing its intention to double the price of its Xbox Live Gold front serve come back to them One day later. While the lack of a price hike is good news, it still leaves Xbox owners with an important choice to make: get Xbox Live Gold to play online, or spring for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a more all-in-one package. -a ?

We’ve long maintained that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best value in gaming, giving you access to hundreds of games in addition to the online benefits of Xbox Live Gold. But not everyone wants or needs the huge library of titles found in Game Pass, and more casual or focused gamers could save a few bucks a month by sticking with Gold.

Wondering which of Microsoft’s two premium subscription services is right for you? here’s how Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate compare.

Xbox Live Gold:

  • What is Xbox Live Gold? Xbox Live Gold provides access to online play on Xbox One and Xbox series X|Sand offers a monthly selection of free games and special discounts.
  • How much does Xbox Live Gold cost? $9.99 per month, $24.99 for three months, $39.99 for six months, $59.99 for 12 months.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

  • What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you a Netflix-style library of hundreds of games you can play on Xbox, PC, and Android, including all first-party Microsoft versions as soon as they’re released. Ultimate also includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.
  • How much does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cost? $14.99 per month.


Xbox Live Gold starts at $9.99 per month (with three-month subscriptions available for $24.99 and 12-month subscriptions available for $59.99) and is currently required to play most Xbox One and Xbox Series games X|S online. It also gives you access to a handful of free games each month, as well as exclusive discounts.

If you only play a few online titles on your Xbox One, Xbox series X Where Xbox series S and you’re not interested in the hundreds of games available on Game Pass, you’ll technically save a lot of money by sticking with Gold compared to the $14.99 per month Game Pass Ultimate subscription. And since Gold is no longer required to play free-to-play titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, you can get by without paying for either service depending on your game of choice. But it’s worth considering the long-term value of switching to Game Pass Ultimate.

ultimate xbox game pass

For just a few extra bucks a month at $14.99, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, and more. The highest tier of Microsoft’s gaming subscription service, Game Pass Ultimate, provides access to hundreds of games you can play on Xbox, PC, and even on your Android phone via cloud streaming.

Xbox Game Pass’ massive library of games includes all Xbox Game Studios releases the same day they are released, meaning subscribers automatically get titles like Gears 5, Minecraft Dungeons and the upcoming Halo Infinite for free $60 more per person. Not to mention the troves of big-name third-party titles on Game Pass – including Doom Eternal, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and Destiny 2 – plus a huge collection of compelling indie titles like Donut County and Among Us.

If any of these games appeal to you, subscribing to Game Pass Ultimate could save you a ton of money that you would otherwise spend buying them a la carte. And if you also play PC games or want to be able to stream your Xbox games to your Android phone on the go, Ultimate is a no-brainer.

Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate they both have their pros and cons. If you’re the type of gamer who just wants to be able to play Madden or Grand Theft Auto online on their Xbox and don’t mind having access to a huge library of Netflix-style games, you’re better off with the Gold subscription. cheaper.

If you want the most bang for your buck, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will give you all the benefits of Gold plus hundreds of games you can play on your Xbox, PC, and Android device. And if your main game is a free-to-play title like Fortnite or Warzone, you don’t really need that either.

Are you a Gold member wondering if Ultimate is worth the extra few bucks a month? you can always upgrade your Gold Membership to a Game Pass Ultimate Membership for just $1 (yes, a dollar) for three months of service. That’ll give you plenty of time to decide if Microsoft’s all-inclusive plan is right for you, or if you’d rather pay a little less and stick with Gold. While we wish Microsoft finally had one subscription to rule them all, it never hurts to have options.


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