It’s the first of a new month, in this case November, which means Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X have a new “free” game to download and play through Games. With Gold. As you may know, the subscription service no longer offers Xbox 360 games or original Xbox games, which means that subscribers no longer receive four games per month, but two. One of these games is made free on the first day of the month, the other in the middle of the month.

The game available today is Praetorians HD, a 3D real-time tactics game. Developed by Pyro Studois and published by Eidos Interactive, the title was originally released in 2003 to decent critical reception, scoring a 78 on Metacritic. In 2020, a remaster of the game was released by Kalypso Media and Torus Games. It is this version that is now free with Games With Gold.

“Praetorians is set amidst the political machinations of an emerging Roman Empire. Prove your worth on the battlefields of Egypt, in the theaters of battle in Gaul and finally in the heart of the Empire itself in Italy, in the crusade to become emperor. Your quest won’t be easy, as the Empire is heavily defended by thousands of different types of troops and war machines, all with special skills and individual strengths. To emerge victorious, you will need to learn how to combine your units and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses But be careful, the closer you get to the Emperor, the closer you get to the Praetorian Guard, the Empire’s most powerful and deadliest fighting force! “

Praetorians HD is free through Games With Gold to Xbox Live Gold subscribers by October 31. After October 31, it will return to its normal price of $19.99. As long as you maintain an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, the game is yours, but if your subscription expires, you will lose access to the game until you resubscribe.

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