Could the Xbox Game Pass also get a price reduction in the UK?

Microsoft has announced significant price cuts for Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in three different territories, with the hope that the UK is next.

For many, the only problem with the Xbox Game Pass is that it looks too good to be true, with fears that once the Xbox Series X / S is better established, Microsoft will slowly start to increase the price, as it makes it more expensive. currently performing at a considerable loss.

For now, the opposite is happening, with the price of Game Pass and Xbox Gold Live being reduced in Chile, Israel and Hong Kong.

It doesn’t help anyone outside of those territories, but it follows recent comments from Microsoft that they are considering instituting global price cuts, or at least a wider range of subscription options to suit everything. the world.

Price information obtained by VGC shows that the discounts in the three territories are global, for one month, three months, 12 months and other subscriptions.

These are also substantial drops with Israel, for example, seeing a 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription drop from the equivalent of £ 152 to £ 110 and Hong Kong drop from £ 135 to £ 90.

Initial prices are similar to the UK, where a 12 month subscription currently costs £ 139.99, so if there was a price drop here it would make a major difference.

“We need to innovate to bring our games and services to more people around the world. And we are studying how to introduce new subscription offerings for Xbox Game Pass, ”Microsoft said in June.

“The point is, we’re creative and dynamic in our thinking about how to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet, regardless of device, geography and financial realities.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean a price drop is coming to the UK, but at the very least there should continue to be substantial discounts and incentives as Microsoft continues to treat Game Pass as the killer app of the Xbox.

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