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Xbox Live is experiencing an error on its servers and has been reported to be down for the past few hours with users unable to join the service and sign in to continue with its multiplayer and online gaming features.

Microsoft has already confirmed the problem and is in the process of creating fixes for connection issues to restore its services.

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(Photo: Windows)

Microsoft’s popular digital delivery service and multiplayer online games, Xbox Live, are currently experiencing downtime with the company and its users confirming it is a server error that is occurring on the platform. -form.

The issue is already happening when its users log into the platform and cannot continue to its landing or home page that was originally reported more than three hours ago.

The company confirmed the outage through its Twitter account, saying Xbox Live was preventing users from signing in or signing in to the service, and would immediately kick users from the site.

In addition, other features of the online multiplayer service, such as content purchasing and group chat, were also affected, disrupting the game at the time.

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Microsoft fixes the problem

Xbox Live is Microsoft’s paid service for its gaming console, Xbox, and PC gaming platform through the Windows operating system. According to Xbox Support website, the server outage issue is a major failure of the company’s systems and platform and is one of the biggest crashes of this year.

Currently, Microsoft is determining the cause of the problem and creating a hotfix for the platform.

According to Xbox, users can check the status of the service through the Xbox Status page for updates and service return news in a few moments as the company continues to resolve and resolve the issue. Additionally, users are also encouraged by Microsoft to log into their Twitter page for any announcements regarding the restoration of the service.

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