A recently announced change to Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X is proving quite controversial. Yesterday we announced that Xbox Live Gold is removing Xbox 360 games from Games With Gold in October. According to Microsoft, which has done its best to sweep the news under the rug, the service will no longer offer Xbox 360 games because there are not enough games to put on it. That doesn’t mean the entire Xbox 360 library is there, but apparently no one wants to put their Xbox 360 games there anymore, or at least not for the money Xbox is offering.

Games With Gold was already a punchline in the industry, as its offering has been largely terrible for years, especially compared to PlayStation Plus. And with Xbox Game Pass now Xbox’s big focus, it’s no big surprise that it’s getting more and more tanky. And it shows in the games on offer. There are still no Xbox Series X|S games; Xbox One games are rarely good; and backward compatible Xbox games are often just as stinky. In fact, sometimes backward compatible games are repeats.

Some took the news as a good thing, as it could mean there will be a bigger focus on Xbox One games. That’s wishful thinking though. If anything, it’s a sign of what’s to come with Xbox Live Gold, which will likely get a revamp alongside Xbox Game Pass. While some are hopeful, many others are upset.

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