Microsoft is testing a new feature on Xbox that can help you increase the download speed of your games. Most new games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are substantial in size and can take a while to download. According to a new update released for Xbox users who have signed up for the Insider Program, users should see the “Pause my game” option when they open their download queue.

Pausing in the queue will allow you to download at full speed while ensuring your game can continue (or quickly resume on Series X|S)“, wrote Xbox Engineering Manager Eden Marie on Twitter. This means that if you have a game running in the background, pausing it should give your download speeds a boost. Pausing the game does not. won’t shut down completely, so users can quickly roll back using the resume feature on an Xbox One console or quickly resume on one of the new Xbox Series X or Series S consoles. Eurogamer, Xbox usually reserves a portion of your connection in case it is needed for online connectivity. This can be unlocked by quitting or pausing games.

Another notable change that’s been added with the new Insider update is that users should now see banners that help identify new games that have been added to Xbox Game Pass and those that will soon be leaving the subscription. It seems like a handy addition, especially when browsing through the large library of games available on the subscription service.

Speaking of which, Microsoft added a bunch of new games to Xbox Game Pass this month. The first wave was announced in early March, followed by a bunch of iconic titles from Bethesda Studios thanks to its recent acquisition. Just a day ago, Microsoft also announced its second wave of game titles that are now making their way to the service, including Star Wars: Squadrons, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, Empire of Sin, and more.


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