Recently, Microsoft has been going full blast before the next generation of consoles and working hard to create a full Xbox experience. The Xbox One itself is a pretty decent console with impressive hardware, and paired with Game Pass is a hugely attractive offering.

The Xbox Game Pass library has been impressively strengthened with Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda and the addition of games like Doom Eternal. Game Pass, however, isn’t the only aspect of Xbox receiving Microsoft’s attention.

The tech giants recently added more features to the Xbox app on mobile devices and now allow gamers to stream their Xbox One games to their iOS devices.

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Xbox app now allows gamers to stream Xbox One games to iOS devices

Remote play functionality has been added to iOS devices, which is great news for gamers who enjoy gaming on their smartphones. The Xbox app now allows gamers to stream their games directly from their consoles to their phones. This allows them to play what is essentially a console game on their mobile devices, which is extremely appealing to fans of handheld games.

This contrasts with the xCloud service previously offered by Xbox, where players had to connect and stream through a server. The app now simply connects users to their consoles to stream a game.

The only titles available to stream at the moment are those from the Xbox One library (also includes variations like One X / S) and not from any of the previous consoles like the original Xbox and 360.

This means that gamers can now enjoy games like Gears 5, Halo 5: Guardians and several more from the Xbox One library on their iPhone or iPad.

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