Microsoft has . The September update adds . If you’re unfamiliar with the website, it’s a resource where you can find out how long you might need to complete a specific game. What makes HowLongToBeat so useful is that it has separate ratings for players with different playing styles.

Using as an example, HowLongToBeat estimates that most people will need around 50 hours to complete the main story, and around 30 more hours to play the game’s secondary content. If you want to see it all RDR2 has to offer, it will take approximately 174 hours.

Microsoft suggests the integration will make it easier to decide which game you want to play next, as you’ll have a better idea of ​​the time commitment it expects of you. The company also notes that you can click “Show Details” to submit your own game times and help other gamers decide how to spend their time.

Even if you don’t use the HowLongToBeat integration much, the September update will help you save time. According to Microsoft, the Xbox app is now 15% faster at launch. Also, there should be far fewer instances of crashes and games not downloading or installing properly. Finally, the search functionality should produce results about 20% faster.


How Long To Beat game data now appears in the Xbox app on PC


Xbox app for PC now tells you how long it takes to beat a game

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