• A beta version of the Xbox app for Android streams installed games from your console to your phone.
  • You no longer need to be an Xbox Insider to use the Remote Play feature.
  • You can also connect to as many Xbox consoles and apps as you want, making gaming easier.

You no longer need to sign up for Game Pass Ultimate or become an Insider to play Xbox games outside of your console. Microsoft has released a beta version of the Xbox app for Android that allows anyone to play remotely, letting you play games installed on your console on your phone.

You’ll need to sign in to your console, of course, but you can play any title you have access to, including Game Pass titles. While it’s not as flexible as Microsoft’s cloud gaming (someone else can’t use your console while you’re playing), it can still come in handy if your TV is busy when you want to play. Call of Duty.

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This feature is a rough parallel to Sony’s long-running Remote Play for PlayStation owners. In its current incarnation, you can play PS4 games on Android, iOS, and computers. Microsoft hasn’t said whether Xbox Remote Play will be available on other platforms as well.

Much improved connections will also make things easier. True to its promises, Microsoft now lets you stay connected to as many Xbox apps and consoles as you want. You won’t have to log in again just to switch from your console to your phone. You’ll only be able to play games in one place at a time, but that should greatly streamline the gaming experience.

The Xbox app beta also brings synced notifications for chats, parties, and other alerts. You can use text or voice chat just like you would on your system, and a new sharing experience makes it easier to capture clips and screenshots if you’ve paired an Xbox controller to your Android device. Profiles now have a new Highlights section with a “mobile-first” focus.

The Remote Play news comes just as Microsoft bought Bethesda owner ZeniMax and a day before Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders begin. The timing is unlikely to be a coincidence. . Microsoft knows it’s facing fierce competition from Sony’s PlayStation 5, and moves like these could make the new Xbox models dramatically more appealing to gamers who haven’t yet upgraded to a new one. material.


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