Welcome to our Windows News recap, where we review the top stories from the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Windows 10 Xbox app now supports Cloud Gaming and remote play from your console

The Xbox app on Windows has gained the ability to stream games using Xbox Cloud Gaming, while also adding remote play support, allowing you to stream games from your Xbox Series X | S or Xbox console. One directly on your PC.

Windows 11 on ARM on Apple M1 Macs Not Officially Supported, Microsoft Says

Microsoft has stated that Windows 11 on ARM on Apple M1 Macs is not officially supported, although Parallels Desktop allows you to do so. It is not clear what impact, if any, this lack of support could have on Parallels Desktop users.

Windows News Recap: xbox app wins cloud gaming and remote console play, Windows 11 on arm m1 macs is not officially supported, and more - onmsft.  Com - September 19, 2021

Mozilla Firefox can now become your default browser with just one click on Windows PCs

Making Firefox your default browser on Windows PCs just got a bit easier, with the browser adding a one-click option to set it as your default browser. This feature means the browser bypasses Windows 10 behavior by having you adjust the default browser through the Settings app.

Mozilla firefox can now become your default browser with just one click on Windows PC - onmsft.  Com - September 13, 2021

PowerToys lands in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11

PowerToys, a suite of tools, has arrived in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. This speeds up the installation process a bit, as you previously had to download it through GitHub.

It’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with more Windows news.

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