Xbox, like any other console, has its own subscription services and, like it or not, subscriptions have become a crucial part of any console owner’s life. Although they don’t threaten to ruin you, you can still subscribe and enjoy the benefits of Cheaper Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold with the fastest growing market for gamers – Enebawhere you will not only find Xbox game keys, in-game currency, Fortnite skins, but also the aforementioned Xbox subscriptions at much lower prices.

Is Xbox Live Gold still relevant?

Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly an ingenious idea to appease all the desires of gamers that Phil Spencer and his Xbox department have come up with. It offers a huge library of games for just a small monthly fee, and if you choose to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll also get all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold membership. Ultimate is available simultaneously on Xbox console and PC and, icing on the cake, adds access to the library of EA Play games. So, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate dominating the Xbox console scene, is Xbox Live Gold still relative and what kind of gamers is it aimed at?

Of course, Game Pass has a huge library of games, but we have to keep in mind that every player is a unique individual. Not everyone wants to be distracted by countless video games and as great as Game Pass is for those who want to discover and play lots of games at no extra cost, Xbox Live Gold appeals to gamers who are dedicated to their craft. In other words, to master a particular multiplayer title. But mastery doesn’t happen in a month and takes time and dedication, so if you’re willing and committed, Xbox Live Gold 12 months the subscription plan is your best bet. Yes, Xbox Live Gold is crucial for those who want to play online as it opens the door to multiplayer features, further granting various discounts on the Xbox Live store.

What can you play with Gold?

As mentioned above, Xbox Live Gold allows you to play multiplayer games, i.e. games that are not free. For example, players who like to indulge in fantasy can become pirates and sail the high seas in Seas of Thieves. Meanwhile, roguelike fans will enjoy the unique experiences of Risk of Rain 2 and Deep Rock Galactic, while fans of classic slashers and horror movies can indulge in survival horror with Dead by Daylight. For people who love to build and create, there’s no better deal than Minecraft – a global phenomenon that’s enjoyed by gamers of different age groups. Want something more serious and demanding? Look no further than Halo: Masterchief Collection because Halo 2 multiplayer is still very much alive and populated with dedicated fans. Rainbow Six Siege appeals to fans of tactical first-person shooters and rewards those who are dedicated to learning and mastering. GTA V Online, Monster Hunter: World and Destiny 2 are just a fraction of the games you can play with Xbox Live Gold.

Casual gamers who enjoy browsing a library of AAA and indie titles and online multiplayer hardcore will find everything they need without spending too much at Eneba. Enjoy over a hundred games with Xbox Game Pass or master the game of your choice with Xbox Live Gold!



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