Earlier this week, Microsoft brought a fluid design to the Windows Xbox app and added support for gamerpic. Now, the company is also updating its Android and iOS apps with new features.

If you like messaging on Xbox Live for some weird reason. You are both weird and lucky, as Microsoft has updated its Android app for Xbox with the ability to use the chat overlay (think Facebook Messenger, but with a dark theme).
Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb writes

“This overlay experience lets you use your games and mobile apps while keeping your Xbox conversations close at hand. When you receive a new message, a chat bubble will automatically open for that conversation – this works for messages as well as club chat. You can also open this view by navigating to the options in the conversation menu. Chat bubbles are enabled by default, but if you want to disable them, you can choose “Settings” from the drawer, select the “Notifications” tab at the top, and turn off the “Chat bubbles” setting.

IOS update does not bring the same functionality because the operating system does not have similar functionality. However, users can expect to browse the games available in the Xbox Game pass, as well as post new posts to the activity feed.
You can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

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