If you were hoping for Xbox to become more intuitive, Microsoft has just made your wish come true with the integration of HowLongToBeat. Basically, if you’re a time management adept and scheduling – even while playing – you’ll now be able to see how long a game should take to beat on the Xbox app.

Essentially, if you head to the Xbox app on your Microsoft PC, you’ll see a new section called HowLongToBeat. This section contains a list of popular xbox games and tells you how long each will take to pass. Of course, if you’re the type to seek out knowledge or secrets with each level, it’ll take you a bit longer to go through a game than Xbox estimates.

This new feature is, however, much more intuitive and advanced than simply estimating playback times. It is powered by user data, which means it takes real stats from various user parties to calculate average game durations.

Xbox app how long

Even more impressively, the utility breaks games down into main plots, side quests, and additional content, then gives you estimated durations for each. This is useful if you only have a short time to play. You will now be able to see that you will be able to complete villager number 2’s quest for his missing dragon eggs, but not enough time to find out who killed the central character around whose death centers the entire main plot of this hypothetical game.

Even more sophisticated than that, the utility will give you three different durations on which to base your decisions. You will see the speedrun/rushed game duration, average player duration, and quiet duration for each game in the list.

Xbox app how long

It’s a game changer for the gaming industry, especially for people who are aware of how long they like to play or how much time they can reasonably devote to gaming. Gaming is an extremely important way to relax and unwind in the world modern, and therefore it is essential that we can plan it correctly. With the help of the HowLongToBeat utility, we can now.

If you want an overview of the other new features in the Xbox app, we have an article that describes them well.


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