Gamers no longer have to risk their hardware being able to play a game as a new Xbox PC app update informs their likelihood of running it.

One complaint a lot of PC gamers have had over the past few years is the fact that where there used to be only Steam to run games, there are now multiple launchers that they have to download to play their favorite titles. . From the Epic Games launcher to to the Xbox App, a PC gamer will need to open a few different apps to access their full library. While some of those launchers, such as the Bethesda Launcher, are no longer around, others are constantly getting updates to prove they’re worth keeping as a desktop icon.


The Xbox app is one of those launchers that many gamers are very happy to have installed on their machine. One of the main reasons the Xbox app is popular is that it gives instant access to Xbox Game Pass, the popular subscription service. Additionally, several new features have been added to the app in an effort to provide PC gamers with a smoother experience. Modding was introduced on the Xbox PC app in March this year, and now a cool new feature can take the frustration out of PC gamers.

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The new feature Xbox is rolling out is called Game Performance Fit Indicator and will inform gamers if their PC can likely run a game before downloading it. Essentially, this means players will be able to tell if a game will run well on their platform without having to go through the arduous process of downloading it and testing the settings, only to find out it was never going to run well anyway. . The feature gathers performance data from people with PCs similar to a given user’s and lets them know if their own machine is likely to handle the demands of the game well.

This could be an incredibly useful feature, especially for Game Pass subscribers, who have instant access to a huge list of games. With increasing file sizes of games, it’s important to know if an upcoming release like star field will be worth the space it would take up. If the game doesn’t run well, it wouldn’t even be worth downloading it in the first place. Although this feature is currently rolling out to the Xbox app, users may not immediately see the performance tuning indicator for all titles as data is collected continuously.

The Xbox PC app isn’t the only app from Microsoft to receive new features and updates. Recently, the Xbox mobile app began allowing users to create “stories” of their gaming adventures, similar to the Instagram and Facebook feature of the same name. However, these “stories” are unlikely to match the usefulness of being able to check out how a game will work on a user’s platform before even downloading it.

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The Xbox app on PC will now predict if your machine can run a game before downloading it


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