In what will undoubtedly be the most exciting news for PC game pass members on Windows, Microsoft is officially working on making the Xbox app more like Steam – just what everyone has been asking for.

First reported by The Verge – and later confirmed by Microsoft – a new version of the Xbox app is currently being tested internally. This update will mirror the features gamers have come to expect from Steam and virtually every other PC game launcher.

When released, users will be able to freely install games to any drive/directory away from WindowsApps protected folders. It will also be possible to move installations without having to redownload the entire game, which is currently not possible.

This unlimited access opens the door to game modding, which is another thing the new update will allow. Windows Store game modding has been non-existent for most of them (although a few allow it), and this has been one of the main sticking points for gamers.

Finally, the new Xbox app will offer options to repair and verify the integrity of downloads, another feature that the current Windows Store often fails.

Xbox Insiders can now test out the new update, and a larger beta should be available later.


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