Microsoft is rolling out a new feature in the Xbox app for Windows that should make it easier to determine if a game will run well on your PC.

This information will come in a label with the words “Should play well on this PC”, located below the blue install button on a game’s showcase page. The feature is limited to a few games and is still under development. To see it for yourself, you can download the Xbox Insider Hub app and opt in to receive preview builds from the Xbox app store.

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It’s unclear what benchmarks Microsoft uses to define a game playing “excellent” on a PC, or if there will be levels between “excellent” and the other end of “not running at all”. A game may run well at a lower FPS on a PC with certain specs, and it’s unclear whether Microsoft will also incorporate this information into its “how this game runs” tag. From a quick read of the preview build, it looks like the games either currently have the “play great” tag or don’t have one at all. We will have to wait for Microsoft to say more to understand the details of how this new feature works.

Every game in the Xbox app store already includes minimum specs and recommended requirements, so in the meantime, it’s still the solidly reliable way to estimate how a game will run on your PC.

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