Xbox has a new look to its app ahead of the Xbox Series X | S release. Like any app, re-editing can always lead to difficult issues. While a business does its best to deliver quality, the direction it chooses may not be the best. This may be the case for the new application “from the bottom up” that Microsoft Xbox has decided to launch. Despite the wait for a new system, their attempt to create a companion app ended with problems.

Problems with the Xbox app

While the look is new, rebuilding the code is another story. The redesign of the mobile business app created a lot of unforeseen issues. On the one hand, the Achievements section is entirely missing. This is one of the things that has helped the console family to remain popular among gamers. It’s also not possible to change their profile picture with the new app, which doesn’t help Microsoft’s case.

Additionally, gamers cannot access the Xbox Store through the app. Previously, gamers could purchase games and then download them once they got home. It was convenient for those who couldn’t stay home for the Xbox store discount events. While this is a glaring issue for the tech giant, it’s not the only one accompanying the app’s re-release. Redeeming Xbox codes through the app is also not possible because the functions do not seem to exist.

On Reddit, the developers call this a “work in progress”. This could be an allusion to the company’s desire to fix the bugs before the console launches. Xbox Series X | S systems will launch on November 20, 2020. Xbox owners and developers are likely hoping things will be sorted out before then.

If you are looking to purchase pre-launch titles, do so on your current system. This will ensure that the title is ready to download once you get your system home. What do you think about the current Xbox app issues? Do you think they’ll be resolved before the console launches in a few weeks? Let me know in the comments.

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