The latest installment of King of Fighters is now available on various consoles

King of Fighters is considered one of the arcade classics. It’s been about 27 years since 1994, specifically since the release of the first King of Fighters. And now the latest episode is out and ready to be played.

The King of Fighters XV Collector’s Edition can now be ordered and played in physical and digital copies on the latest consoles. For those who need a fighting game solution, this might be the answer!

Pix’n Love, publisher of the Collector’s Edition, said:39 playable characters, brilliant graphics, an improved game system and stunning online gameplay with the integration of restoration netcode make this KOF one of the most successful in the series!

King of Fighters XV

With the Collector’s Edition, fans will get more than the King of Fighters game. The Collector’s Edition includes not only the game itself, but also a beautiful artbook, the King of Fighters XV soundtrack on double CD and an official NEOGEO “shock box” with a reversible cover. Not to mention, this comes with the “GAROU: Mark of the Wolves TERRY” DLC costume, and 4 double-sided lithographs that specifically feature artwork from the King of Fighters XV game.

The NEOGEO box pays homage to its roots, however, as the original King of Fighters was on the NEOGEO system. With that, and the ability to enjoy the DJ station with soundtracks from across the franchise, this may be an edition fans will be drooling to pick up.

For those who want a collector’s edition copy of King of Fighters XV, check out Pix’n Love’s website take a copy for himself. For those who want the Collector’s Edition, the game can be played on the PlayStation 4, 5, and Xbox Series X.

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