Although the weather hasn’t been kind to the PlayStation Vita, the handheld has become cult as an RPG machine thanks to the Workshop series, persona 4 goldenand Trails series. It was also known as an indie paradise with games such as Fez and Hotline Miami. However, the PS Vita is not limited to indie or RPG titles. The little machine has some great music-based titles packed with songs that rival the best deals on the market. just dance series.

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The handheld is a hotbed of rhythm games (much like Nintendo Switch) that has made it a darling among a group of niche gamers. The PS Vita’s beat lineup offered everything from exclusives to ports that brought the atmosphere of the arcades to someone’s commute or bedroom.

ten DJMAX Technika Tune

Show combo in DJMAX

DJMAX Technika Tune is a port of by Neowiz long-running arcade franchise. Which makes DJMAX Technika Tune different from other traditional rhythm games is that it relies on touch control. The gameplay requires fans to tap and drag notes as they appear on screen.

DJMAX Technika Tune also features a diverse library of tracks not usually featured on other titles. Instead of the usual Eurobeat, J-POP or Vocaloid, the game features songs in a more Korean style. Tracks from K-POP groups such as KARA and prominent Korean DJs fill the library with a variety of tunes.



Game for MUSYNX

MUSYNX is a no frills rhythm game. There are no other distractions, just a pure rhythm game experience. The game has two button modes; four and six keys and two difficulty options. While it might seem like a dreary experience, aesthetically it’s one of the most colorful and dynamic games (a path taken by many indie developers) out there. These qualities combine to create a simple yet enjoyable experience.

As DJMAX Technika Tune, MUSYNX offers another taste of music that cannot be found elsewhere. Here, the tracks are heavily influenced by China. From chiptune to folk tunes to Vocaloid, it highlights the fantastic ways others can interpret music and make it their own.

8 Demo

Deemo Piano Game

Demo is one of those rare rhythm games that has a story attached to the gameplay. A girl named Alice falls into a strange and mysterious world. There she meets an individual by the name of Deemo, who agrees to help him find his world by playing the piano.

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Demo relies on touch controls where precision is key. It’s frustrating at first, but the charm of the story makes it worth it. Demo has a diverse music library with beautiful melodies and exceptional and emotive vocals, making it a fascinating experience.


Notes coming from the side of the Superbeat Xonic screen

SUPERBEAT XONiC was developed by former employees of DJ-MAX series. Although the game is inspired by its spiritual predecessor, it has its own personality and style. SUPERBEAT XONiC is elegant and fast, but at the same time, very forgiving. Those new to the genre can get to grips with things with the smooth control scheme.

The game can be played using button inputs, touchscreen functionality, or a mix of both. There are also DJ icons that a player can equip to have an extra health bar or a shield to prevent a combo chain from breaking. The game features a huge selection of tracks, ranging from EDM to Hip-Hop.

6 Persona 4: Dance All Night

Guest of Hatsune Miku in Persona 4: Dancing All Night

While Persona 4: Golden often appears in the best RPG of all time lists, Persona 4: Dance All Night gets the cold shoulder treatment from some Character Fans. This is due to the title’s unique blend of gameplay, but that quality is also exactly what makes the game interesting to check out.

The core experience offers a lot, from character selection and customization options to remixed tracks from an already beloved soundtrack. It offers a breath of fresh air for those who want to escape the mundane RPG routine and enjoy something laid back and fun.

5 IA/VT -Colored-

Two characters featured in an AI/VT vocaloid song -colorful-

There’s more to Vocaloid video games than Hatsune Miku. IA/VT -Colored- is one of those titles. Based on 1st Place Co. AI project, IA/VT -Colored- brings a new face to the Vocaloid gaming scene, something that hasn’t really been seen since Megpoid the music for the PlayStation Portable.

Although this game lacks the bubbly personality found in the Hatsune Miku series, it features a more serious yet comforting tone. Compared to other rhythm games, the songs are full-length, so players can expect them to last between four and eight minutes.

4 Lumines: Electronic Symphony

Lumines Electronic Symphony Core Set

Lumines: Electronic Symphony is not a traditional rhythm game. It mixes music and puzzles into one package. Although this formula has gained ground in recent years, with titles such as Tetris effect, the overall package is difficult to reproduce. As Tetristhe principle is simple: chain blocks to make them disappear.

However, the game’s trance-like presentation provides an ambience that Tetris can not. The background music blends perfectly with the dynamic gameplay. This makes players feel like they’re in a different world every time they start a new puzzle. Another title that may not be for everyone, but features fantastic music.

3 Taiko No Tatsujin: Essential Songs

Don-Chan disguised as Miki Taiko no Tatsujin: Must Songs gameplay

Combining two of Bandai Namco’s franchises (the industry sometimes does fantastic crossovers), Taiko no Tatsujin and The [email protected], Taiko no Tatsujin: Essential Songs brings together the gameplay of the first and the songs of the second in a single package. There are two versions of the game.

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Original fans of The [email protected] will meet at home with Aka Ban (Red Disc), which contains songs found in the original arcade and Xbox 360 games. Ao-ban (Blue Disc), on the other hand, contains songs from the anime and PlayStation games. New players will therefore probably be more familiar with this version.

2 magic beat

Two characters clash in Magical Beat

Arc System Works is generally known for its fighting games, such as BlazBlue and Guilty Equipment. Sometimes, however, they venture into other genres, the results are simply mesmerizing every time. magic beat is another block-based puzzle game where the objective is to stack these shapes to the beat. While the game is inspired by Luminous, puzzle fighterand Tetrisit always feels original.

The game’s soundtrack matches the general style of pixel art, with bubbly tracks from Vocaloid and samples from other Arc System Works securities.

1 Organhythm

Orgarhythm cover showing the main character

Organhythm does the improbable by mixing the RTS and the rhythm genre. Players take control of an army as they march to victory. Unlike a traditional RTS game which features a list of commands, there are only three colored icons to tap with the beat. There are no physical control buttons available and only the touchscreen is available.

The ubiquitous electronic and rock music fits perfectly into the general presentation. The game is short depending on the difficulty and can get repetitive, which is a shame. However, the uniqueness of the game makes it worth it. At times, the experience is almost as tense as struggling on a big track in the Guitar Hero Games.

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