While most people only associate Activision with the Call of Duty franchise, this developer-turned-publishing juggernaut has a much more varied and deep history than the insanely popular first-person shooter franchise that dominates sales. year after year. The Activision name has been around for almost as long as home console gaming, and in fact, it was the very first third-party studio to exist in the games industry. If you go back to the old Atari consoles, you will find his name on many old and crisp titles. Over the decades, this company has gone through many changes, taken on new studios, and become one of the most successful companies in all of gaming.

Having such a history through decades of gaming as a publisher, Activision has brought us hundreds of great titles. Sure, he’s been a little determined lately with how many Call of Duty games he’s making compared to everything else, but it’s worth remembering all the variety he gave us once and a while. hope that Activision might diversify again in the future. The one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that Activision knows how to release great games, and we’ve scoured its catalog to share the best Activision games of all time. This list will not include any Blizzard games even though the two companies are under the same roof, and we will also limit one game per series to reduce Call of Duty games repetition.

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