Microsoft partners with Netflix to celebrate season three of Strange things. The collaboration dates back to the summer of 1985, with the introduction of an application inspired by Windows 1.0, Strange things– Theme coding camps offered through the Microsoft Store, as well as commemorative Xbox content and prizes.

While Strange things Season three takes place in 1985, which was also a particularly noteworthy year for Microsoft. The company then celebrated the 10th anniversary of its headquarters in Redmond and the release of Windows 1.0. Microsoft’s Windows 1.11 application was subsequently inspired by Windows 1.0, with iconic Paint and Terminal programs, as well as Strange things-themed puzzles and unique content. Just visit foreigners to play.

Next, Microsoft allows fans to attend Camp Know Where at Microsoft Store. The experience includes two free STEM-inspired workshops with technological themes revolving around the show and its characters. Those 13 years of age and older can register at their local Microsoft Store or in line for two workshops: Rule the Arcade and Strange-ify Your World. In Rule the Arcade, participants will create their own playable video game using fundamental gameplay and coding concepts, similar to Mad Max and Dustin on the show. The Strange-ify Your World class sees participants create a story about teamwork and friendship, before playing with mixed reality to immerse themselves in the world of Strange things present their own Strange things-inspired mini-movie with 3D models, Windows Ink, special effects and a soundtrack.

Finally, fans of the series can earn the ultimate Strange things Xbox Price Pack, which includes a Stranger things 3 Collectible Arcade Cabinet, plus a new Xbox One X and 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Anyone interested in entering the contest, which runs until July 15, should retweet or like the reveal post on the Xbox Twitter Channel or the Xbox Facebook Page.

For more on the hit Netflix show, be sure to check out our recently released Stranger things 3 collection.

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