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Xbox is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world. And now, in the current generation of games, they’re dominating the digital space with the hugely popular Xbox Game Pass. That means more gamers are here, spending more time playing games by downloading them through the official Xbox Store or the Xbox app on Windows PCs.

While the convenience is certainly gamer-friendly, it does have its downsides. If you have a slow internet connection, downloading a modern game can be more complicated than necessary in the current era of gaming. Alternatively, large launches on Xbox Game Pass have been known to cause download issues. We will go over several reasons why your Xbox download speed is slow. Also, expect some suggestions on how to speed up Xbox download.

Why is your Xbox download speed slow?

There can be several reasons why your Xbox download speed is slow. The four most common reasons are:

  • Request
  • Link
  • Broadband package
  • Download and configure

Let’s start with the first. If you try to download one of the most popular games at launch through Xbox Game Pass, you might find out why. Take for example the surprise launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer. Download speeds on Steam and Xbox had issues. This was partly due to the number of people using download exchanges for a specific game, causing more congestion than the servers could normally handle.

On the other hand, the other technical issue could be the way the game downloads, installs and compiles itself. Some games download in small patches and install before moving on to the next data to download. When you download a game, you may see the download speed slow down while disk usage increases. Xbox console users might not find it, but PC users will see it on their task manager. If so, there’s nothing you can do about it, and that’s how the game downloads.

How to make Xbox download faster?

As for the other two, these two possibilities are more under your control. Take your login method, for example. If you choose to use a wireless connection, you may find that the signal strength is not enough to download what you actually want. You might want to get a better signal booster router or try things like household outlets. Alternatively, run an Ethernet cable from your PC to your router and watch your connection improve dramatically.

Finally, the other problem could be your download speed. If you find that your download is very slow, it could be because your broadband speed is not up to par. Either it’s because of your ISP’s (internet service provider) internet connections or your plan is lagging behind the size of modern games. This is more than likely the most common cause of slow Xbox download speeds.


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