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Sometimes you see a screenshot of a game and you immediately think, “I need to play this.” Retro sprite scaling runner Slipstream is one of those games for me, which is why I’m excited to see the indie title getting a wider release on April 7 for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Slipstream has been out for a few years now, but only on PC, via Steam. It’s a fun and beautiful homage to classic Sega Super Scaler proto-3D racing games, like Super grip, power drift, mobile-radio and of course, out run. The candy-colored skies, the free palms and synth tunes inflated with nostalgia are merged with a drift-centric driving model and a small selection of performance cars from the late 80s and early 90s, like the Nissan Z32 and Lancia Delta Integrale.

This is a Kickstarter GIF of the game, when it was originally in development. It looks even better now.
Picture: Ansdor Games

In reality, Slipstream features a few different modes that mimic the playstyles of some of those aforementioned games. A titled Grand Tour allows you to navigate through all locations in the game through branching paths, out run-style. The Grand Prix is ​​more like Wait, with its championship-style format and cash prizes awarded for finishing position, which you can then use to improve your run. And for this console version, Slipstream gains new features like the ability to rewind the game if you mess up, with a VHS tape rewind effect when you do. Perfect.

There's even a four-player mode!

There’s even a four-player mode!
Picture: Ansdor Games

I caught Slipstream It’s been years for a dollar on Steam, and while I appreciate it, let’s be real – a PC isn’t the optimal place to experience such a streamlined, old-school arcade racing game. It’s for this reason that I’m excited to see the game coming to Nintendo’s handheld. I recently upgraded to a Switch OLED, and can’t wait to see how those colors look on the handheld’s improved screen. Frankly, the system could use more runners like this.

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