JanduSoft is well known for filling console libraries with all sorts of game types. Today not only are they dropping Micro Pico Racers on Xboxbut they also cover the full shmup side of things with the launch of Galactic Wars EX.

Available to buy and download today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, after launching on PlayStation, Switch and PC a week ago, Galactic Wars EX is one of those old shmups who have dominated the scene over the years.

This one costs £6.69 and is unabashedly a retro shoot’em up. With three unique ship types to choose from, you’ll be tasked with smashing your way through swarms of evil buggies, shooting, dodging and shooting more as you go.

Doing it solo is possible, but Galactic Wars EX will also let you shoot them with a friend through local co-op play, helping you achieve high scores. This will all take place via 60fps HD gameplay, with a chiptune soundtrack fueling things.

Expect the most important features to be as follows…

  • – Galactic Wars EX blends the best of old-school and modern shoot’em up mechanics to create a unique retro gaming experience.
  • – Fly solo or team up with a friend in local co-op.
  • – Use a wide variety of weapons and powerups, aim for higher scores with powerups and multipliers
  • – Do it all in a stunning 60FPS HD presentation
  • – Chiptune soundtrack!
  • – Go through 3 stages with bosses and mini bosses to defeat along the way.

If you’re looking for advice, stay tuned to ours. We plan to launch Galactic Wars EX on Xbox Series X|S very soon. Play for yourself as you head to the Xbox Store.

Description of the game:

Take off for a retro shmup experience! The invasion is imminent and only you can put an end to this galactic alert! Inspired by genre classics and packed with nostalgic gameplay elements, Galactic Wars EX takes things a step further by using real hardware palettes and specs for pixel-perfect authenticity! Choose from 3 unique ships, each with balanced strengths and weaknesses to match your preferred playstyle, then launch into side-scrolling action against swarms of insect-like baddies ready to cut short your mission.

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