Thousands of reports are coming in of Xbox Live servers down and other core services not working properly.

One of the main issues shared on August 10 is related to Party Chat’s feature dropping feature when players attempt to access it online.

And that can be a huge problem for players preparing to team up and take on multiplayer challenges.

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Xbox Live Down – Party Chat and Server Issues

Reports shared on DownDetector suggest that many players are having trouble successfully connecting to Xbox Live servers tonight.

It’s unclear what caused the issue or how long they might last, but the good news is that this isn’t a worldwide outage.

Other players have been able to use Party Chat over the past hour, meaning tonight’s issues could be resolved quickly.

All Xbox console issues will be tracked by Microsoft through the official website Xbox Live Status site, listing all current issues.

And more information is expected to be shared by the tech giant if Xbox connection issues persist.

A user affected by tonight’s issues posted online, “I don’t know if this is due to Xbox Live stuff, but for about a day on my Windows 10 PC, my Xbox Game Bar won’t allow me to see my friends list and it is making it hard to see my friends If there is a fix could someone please let me know that I have tried just about everything and nothing is working .

Many players have to rely on switching to in-game chat services, which means closing any group chats you have open so you can use whatever comes in titles like PUBG and Call of Duty Warzone.

Microsoft has confirmed that tonight’s issues have been spotted and are being investigated by Xbox’s support team.

The latest update on the situation reads: “You may have difficulty managing your active party, including player management.

“Our engineers are on it! Please check here and on the status page for updates.

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