PARIS (January 11, 2022) – Fill up on candles and update your smooth jazz playlist, because publisher The Arcade Crew (The last spell, Young souls) and the developer Berzerk Studio (Just shapes and rhythms) announced today that you have a date with Infernax on February 14, 2022. The retro demon slaying action-adventure will cast its spell on as thick as pixelated guts as it splashes across your PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Does the air sizzle with incandescent romance, or does heat radiate from the offspring of hell all around you? Today’s release date trailer suggests the latter, but it’s important to keep your heart open to the possibilities; InfernaxThe enchanting take on classic 8-bit adventures is certainly worthy of true love. Fall in love with Infernax and his deep, unbridled passion for dramatically long kisses killing demons while watching new gameplay:

InfernaxAlcedor’s star knight and bachelor returns from a brutal battle to find his home invaded by voracious beasts of the underworld. Armed with his loyal mass and charming smile, Alcedor must come to terms with his world as he takes on ungodly forces, acquires powerful abilities and buffs, uncovers the secrets of his land, and shapes his legacy to through moral puzzles. Infernax Has a crush on a classically tough challenge, but if you can hold on to rewarding battles against Hell’s most eligible demons, you’ll spend many sleepless nights familiarizing yourself with its intensely thrilling quest.

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About the arcade team

The Arcade Crew is based in Paris as a separate division of Dotemu. The Boutique Publisher is dedicated to producing and publishing awesome original games with a retro twist by small creative teams. The Crew is excited to discover and support new talent and build a real community around titles inspired by the classics. contact us at and follow us on Twitter @thearcadecrew.

About Berzerk StudioFounded in Quebec City in 2008, Berzerk Studio is an independent team committed to creating inventive and stimulating experiences that balance humor and satisfying, high-quality gameplay. Stay up Dated with us and our games at and follow us on Twitter @berzerkstudio and @infernax.

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