The Overwatch 2 beta is finally here, and players can get a taste of revamped PVP gameplay and try out a new hero for a limited time. It’s a closed beta though, so you’ll need to access it before you can play. Luckily, there are easy ways to access the beta if you don’t get an invite. The beta will also run until May 17, so there are plenty of opportunities to get an invite for you and your friends. Here’s how to access the Overwatch 2 beta.

How long is the Overwatch 2 beta?

The beta begins Tuesday, April 26 and will run for three weeks until Tuesday, May 17. There are no specific game periods, so you can play the game normally as much as you want during the three-week beta period.

Times are subject to change, so Blizzard may shorten or extend the beta at any time. There will also be additional beta testing in the future, so keep an eye out for more opportunities to play.

How to enter the Overwatch 2 beta

To play the Overwatch 2 Beta, you need an invite. The beta test runs from April 26 to May 17 and is only available on PC. Invitation emails will go out beginning at 11am PT on April 26, so be sure to check your inbox if you’ve opted in to beta access. Blizzard says more invites may also be sent out later in the beta period, so don’t lose hope if you miss the first wave.

However, there is another way to get a beta invite: Twitch Drops. By watching select Overwatch 2 streamers during the beta period, you can earn beta access for yourself.

How to Get Twitch Beta Drops

If you want to earn access to the Overwatch 2 beta via Twitch Drops, you must watch a participating stream for 4 hours. Twitch Drops are only active for a limited time from 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET to 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 27. If you miss the window, you will not be able to earn Twitch Drops from streams.

The beta FAQ page has a list of partner streamers you can watch.

How to download the beta

The first beta is only available on PC, so you won’t be able to play on PlayStation or Xbox. You’ll also need to own a copy of the original Overwatch to play, which makes sense because Overwatch 2 just adds more content to that game’s base. Once you have access to it, you can download the beta client through the Battle Launcher. net.

What are the Overwatch 2 beta modes and heroes?

Most of Overwatch’s original heroes will be present in the beta, and players will also have the chance to test out Sojourn, the game’s new playable character. players will also be able to familiarize themselves with the changed characters during the beta.

The game’s new Push mode will also be playable in the beta, providing an alternative to the original game’s proven payload play mode. In this mode, two teams compete to push a robot from the center of the map towards the enemy team’s spawn. The team that pushes the bot the farthest wins.

Of course, Overwatch 2 is changing the formula to 5v5 by default, so fans can see how the new team sizes affect the game as a whole. There’s a lot to see in this closed beta, and since it’ll last a month (with more testing to follow), expect to see plenty of Overwatch 2 in the weeks to come.

When is the next beta?

There will be more beta sessions, but Blizzard has yet to reveal any details about that. They will probably take place this summer and will probably require an invitation. An open beta will almost certainly take place before the official launch, so you’ll have a chance to play eventually even if it takes a while.

Monitor 2 is currently in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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