For many, the original PlayStation “Grand Theft Auto” trilogy – consisting of “GTA 3”, “GTA: Vice City” and “GTA: San Andreas” – will always be the gold standard for the series, and rightly so. Each of the aforementioned games has played a pivotal role in not only improving the series, but pushing the art of video game development forward. Unfortunately, as with many classic games, the PlayStation 2 era of games is also somewhat dated when it comes to its graphics, control scheme, and general gameplay.

Many fans on Reddit still hold older “GTA” games in high regard, but note that they’re lacking in areas where newer entries don’t. “I can get past clunky graphics”, Redditor u/Zero0_Karma mentioned in response to how games like “San Andreas” hold up today. “[B]But what kills me is the punitive lack of a checkpoint system during excruciatingly long missions.”

Another user, u/SchwartzJesus, could not exceed dated control scheme, especially in driving sequences. “They’re really good for nostalgia reasons, but in my opinion after spending so much time on modern games they don’t really hold up,” said another reviewer. added. “These are classics and will always be considered great games, but I personally don’t enjoy playing them as much as new ones.”

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