The Xbox app for PC will receive an update that will predict if the user’s PC has the specs to run a title before it is downloaded.

This was announced via a post on Xbox thread and reported by Eurogamer. The post reads: “The team has created a new feature that is starting to roll out and helps you see how well a game will perform on your PC, before you download it.” The app will compare PC game performance with similar specs, giving the user a good indication of how well it will perform on their own platform.

If the PC does not have the correct specs to run a game, then the app will detail what is needed to run the game. The feature will continue to be updated to provide more accurate information: “As we continue To learn more about how a game performed on similar PCs, you may not see performance checks for every game (especially recently added games) until we have enough information. to share a recommendation.

There’s also an update coming to make it easier for PC users to find the next game to play. “You can find any game you’re interested in in ‘Search’ with improved accuracy, and it now includes games from EA Play and Ubisoft Connect in search results.”

Additionally, more collections have been added to “Home”, while the “Game to play together” section highlights titles that can be played with others. The “Side scroller” and “Point and click” collections are also mentioned in the post.

The post also reiterates that the team is always looking for additional fan feedback, which can be provided on the Feedback Hub, Twitteror the Xbox Insiders Reddit.

In other news, EA boss Andrew Wilson has taken a £16m pay cut.


The Xbox app will now tell you if the game you're about to buy runs well on similar PCs


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