Tech giant Microsoft has started allowing testers access to a new Xbox app for Windows that dramatically improves the process of installing the game from the Windows Store.

According to The Verge, the updated app allows PC gamers to install titles to any folder they choose with unrestricted access to game files.

Previously, Microsoft forced games to install in a WindowsApps folder in the root of a drive, and it was locked down so no one could modify the files.

The Xbox app update will finally fix a big problem installing games from Xbox Game Pass for PC, where players would experience issues with the Microsoft Store, restricted WindowsApps folder, or simply the inability to control entirely the place where the games were installed.

Although Microsoft previously supported mods for certain titles in the Microsoft Store, opening the games folder access will now allow more games to support mods without players needing the enable in games.

The Microsoft Store has traditionally restricted access to where games are installed using Windows-based folder permissions, making it difficult to save games or move them around freely, according to the report.

Other PC game launchers like Steam or allow gamers to save games, restore and verify them.

Microsoft’s new Xbox app update includes an option to verify and repair files, which will likely be used to support saving games. There are also new options for browsing to where files are installed, changing the drive where games are installed, and choosing custom folders for installs.

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