Game streaming is one of the best parts of Windows 10 and an update announced today should make it even better. The August Xbox Update brings 1080p / 60fps streaming to the Windows 10 Xbox app, along with other gaming experience improvements.

For many gamers, the initial streaming experience went well, with few noticeable issues when streaming audio and video over WiFi. But some more dedicated gamers weren’t happy with the inferior streaming. However, reddit sleuth OomaThurman spotted a “very high” setting a few days ago, buried deep in system files.

It seems that this setting is happening to everyone now. Users can enable 1080p / 60fps mode by going to the Settings> Game Streaming section on the Windows 10 Xbox app and setting the encoding level to Very High. The new streaming mode consumes a huge amount of bandwidth, so users may want to use a wired connection for the best results.

The Xbox update also includes a few other improvements to the Windows 10 app. Streamers will also be able to control notifications on their desktop, check their friends’ achievements, and see more details about recently played games by their friends. Users will also be able to add games directly from their PC and add links to those games in the Start menu. Find out all the details on Xbox Wire.

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