Playing video games is one thing, but the right hardware can turn the user experience from a fun experience to one that goes beyond, but it depends on the case by case. It all starts with the right controller choice, and luckily Mad Catz has you covered on that one.

Mad Catz, for those who aren’t gaming enthusiasts, is a well-known gaming peripherals designer who has been designing computer controllers, keyboards, mice, and other tools for over 30 years. One of their well-known products is the Tournament Series, a range of arcade sticks designed for PlayStation and Xbox consoles from the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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The peripheral society a wide range of new products will be available soon, in the form of the STRIKE 6 keyboard, the PILOT range of headsets, the SURF RGB mouse pad, the GYRA gaming chair, the CAT9 controller and finally the TE3.

Mad Catz CES 2022

The main draw of STRIKE6 in the mechanical keyboard space is that it offers an unrivaled amount of customization to the user, including synchronization of sound effects and hot-swappable keys to match your personal preferences.

Mad Catz CES 2022

The purchase of a PILOT helmet gives you access to one of two light, comfortable and ergonomic helmets. Large, oval-shaped ear pads reduce uncomfortable pressure on the ears and provide increased ambient noise cancellation. The headband and ear cups are made of memory foam and wrapped in super-soft protein leather for ultimate comfort.

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The SURF RGB mouse pad uses a soft fabric that resists smudges and improves precision. To brighten up your streaming or gaming setup, the mouse pad is bordered with an RGB stripe producing 16.8 million colors with seven dynamic lighting effects.

GYRA, the company’s newest gaming chair, emphasizes comfort, customization, durability and ergonomics. The self-adjusting lumbar support ensures that you maintain an upright, comfortable and ergonomic posture, while the 4-way armrests provide versatility for a comfortable position on any desk. Ultra-durable and made with high-density cold-molded foam, the GYRA is very durable and will hold its shape over time.

The CAT9 Controller is a new adventure in the mobile gaming sphere by MadCatz, bringing Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch users a powerful new tool at their disposal. Featuring fast connection via bluetooth, 6-axis motion sensor, dual vibration effect, turbo mode and programmable macro buttons on the device, all in a transparent form factor RGB enhanced, the CAT 9 is sure to bring style and convenience to your favorite casual games on your portable devices.

Last but not least, we have the TE3. Designed for fighting game players, this arcade stick continues the legacy of the Tournament Edition arcade sticks that the team has been making for over a decade. Portability and convenience are enhanced on the TE 3 with shoulder strap attachments and convenient in-unit storage.

The classic Sanwa Denshi knobs deliver an authentic arcade experience with the legendary quality and durability of Sanwa components. TE 3 supports cross-platform connectivity including Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5 on bridge and PC. More macros, two turbo modes, a PlayStation touchpad, and share buttons make the TE 3 better integrated with consoles for an enhanced arcade experience.

If you want to view more information about Mad Catz and its products, you can check out their website here.

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