Light Brick Studio and LEGO Games have announced that The Lego Builder’s Journey lands on PlayStation consoles starting today.

The brick-building puzzler originally came to Apple Arcade in 2019, followed by the Switch and PC a year later. It then came to Xbox in November last year, and it’s finally completing its journey around consoles after today’s release. The story-driven game centers on a father and son duo who enjoy building together, as their story is told through a series of Lego building challenges.

However, the PlayStation version is not the only one The Lego Builder’s Journey news. Developer Light Brick Studio has also launched a new creative mode for the game on all platforms. You will be able to create your own models or scenes with a curated selection of Lego bricks. Moreover, the mode also offers a full photo mode to show off your creations when finished. Of course, Photo Mode lets you adjust your angles, lighting and more before you take your shots.

You can verify a trailer for The Lego Builder’s Journeythe new creative mode for yourself below. It is now available for play on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, and PC.

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