PC gamers can now share video clips of their gaming exploits on Xbox Live with the Xbox app beta! The Xbox app now supports a wide range of PC games, including those purchased from third-party sources.

Currently, a limited number of games are supported by the new Xbox app. It looks like Microsoft initially targeted the most popular PC titles, with more to come as the update rolls out to a wider user base.

How to Record PC Game Clips with the Xbox App for Windows 10

Before uploading footage to Xbox Live, a clip must be created using the Windows 10 Game Bar.

  1. Launch a game of your choice.
  2. press the windows key + g simultaneously to open Windows 10 Game Bar.
  3. Use the onscreen controls to start recording a clip.For more information on using the Game Bar to record clips, be sure to check out our previous guide.

How to download PC game clips on Xbox Live:

  1. Move towards Game DVRs using the app’s sidebar. By default, your last recorded clips will be displayed at the top of the list.
  2. Select an excerpt from the list. A preview of the clip will appear on the right side, alongside options to trim and rename the clip before it is downloaded.
  3. When the clip is ready to download, click the To download under the preview.
  4. A menu will open asking for the game name featured in the clip. If the game is supported, it will appear under PC Games (shown above) when entered into the search bar. If the game appears, click on it to select it.
  5. A final confirmation step will appear to ensure the download matches the title you selected. Microsoft says game clips will be reviewed before appearing on Xbox Live, so a small delay can be expected during the review process.

Your clip will now begin to download and can be tracked using the progress bar below the clip preview. While we’re still discovering games that support this feature, we’ve successfully uploaded clips for Battlefield 4 and Overwatch.

If you want to try out the new Game DVR, download the Xbox app (beta) from the Windows Store at the link below.

Download Xbox (Beta) from the Windows Store (opens in a new tab)


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How to use the Xbox app for Windows 10

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