Canceling an Xbox subscription is easier than you think. Microsoft continues to streamline the process so you can cancel Xbox Live Gold subscription in just a few steps.

You can cancel Xbox Live through a web browser or through the console. Both options lead to the same Microsoft service and subscription management website.

How to Cancel Xbox Live

Similar to canceling Xbox Game Pass, you can cancel Xbox Live from the console or a browser.

The console process is the same across the Xbox One and Xbox Series console families. These devices share interfaces, options and services.

Cancellation of the service does not entail any additional or hidden costs. But it has a particular function.

You can cancel the subscription on the expiration date. Depending on the time that has passed since your last payment for the service, you may be eligible for an immediate refund.

Cancel Xbox Live on a Web Browser

To cancel Xbox Live Gold subscription from web browser, here are the steps:

  1. Open your web browser on your PC
  2. Go to the Microsoft Services the page or the Microsoft account page
  3. Click on Login top right. If you are already signed in to Microsoft services on your browser, skip to step 5
  4. Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials, the same account you use on your Xbox sign in to xbox live
  5. Now you are back on the home page. Click the profile icon at the top right and click My Microsoft account.
  6. Click it Services & subscriptions tongue.
  7. The new page displays the list of Microsoft services under your account. Find it Xbox Live Gold section
  8. Click on Manage
  9. On the right side, click Upgrade or unsubscribe
  10. Select unsubscribe
  11. Click on To confirm

After cancellation, Microsoft may ask you for two additional options:

  • Don’t bill me on (next service renewal date) subscription refund
  • Cancel immediately and get a refund

These options only appear if you purchased the service within the last 30 days. See, Microsoft is offering a refund if you cancel Xbox Live within the first 30 days after your last payment. The funds would return to your payment option within 72 hours.

Disable recurring billing

You may also see the option to “Turn off recurring billing”. This is an automatic cancellation of the subscription, as you will have to pay for the service manually on the expiration date.

Naturally, if you don’t pay, Microsoft simply cancels the service. However, you will not be entitled to any type of refund.

Here are the steps to manage recurring billing:

  1. Come back to your Microsoft account services and subscriptionthe site
  2. Locate the service you want to manage, for example Xbox Live Gold
  3. Click on Manage xbox-live-gold-manage1
  4. Under the service title, you will see “Regular payment.” On the right side of this option, click “To change
  5. Select Enable or Disable, depending on what you want

Cancel Xbox Live on Console

There is a built-in option on the console to cancel Xbox Live Gold or any other Microsoft subscription.

Unfortunately, the option seems incomplete, as the process opens the console’s built-in web browser to complete the process.

Here are the steps:

  1. turn on your console
  2. press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide xbox button
  3. Go to Profile & system
  4. Select Settings profile and system settings
  5. Go toe Account tab to the left xbox account menu
  6. Select Subscriptions on the right panel xbox subscriptions menu
  7. Select Xbox Live Gold
  8. Below Payment and invoicingselect View and manage subscription view and manage xbox live gold subscription
  9. The option will open the web browser and take you to the familiar Microsoft services and subscriptions page. Navigate to the Xbox Live Gold section
  10. Click on Manage manage xbox live on xbox
  11. Select the option you want to use in the interface. You can to cancel by opening the Upgrade or cancel drop down menu.
    click upgrade or cancel
  12. You can also click To change to turn off recurring billing disable recurring billing on xbox ui

Is Xbox Live Gold worth it?

is xbox live worth it

Xbox Live Gold is a benefit package for Xbox Series and Xbox One users. Mainly, it gives you access to the multiplayer aspect of the games you buy. So, for example, if you want to play Dead by Daylight on Xbox, you’ll need a Live subscription.

Then, it offers exclusive discounts and free games to its users. Xbox shares a few games that Live users can download for free every month. Often, these are lesser-known indie titles. You will not lose the free games you have downloaded by canceling the service.

There are reasons you might want to cancel it, though. First, free games do not require paying for Xbox Live. For example, you can download and play Fortnite or CoD: Warzone with no problem.

Second, you may be against the existence of the service, because Microsoft (and Sony) charge you for using your internet connection to play a game you’ve already purchased. After all, PC gamers don’t need to pay any extra fees to access online games, so you can save some extra cash by playing on the larger Windows platform.

Related Questions

What if there is no cancellation option?

If you don’t see an undo option, you’re in debt. In other words, your payments are late and you will have to pay the service obligation before you cancel.

Why would you have an overdue balance on Xbox?

Your subscription may not pay for renewal automatically, and this is often because Microsoft is having issues with your payment option.

Common problems include:

  • Insufficient funds on a debit card
  • Your credit card has expired
  • Your credit card has been stolen
  • Your closed credit card account
  • You have a new credit card and have closed the old one
  • Your bank declined the purchase

How do I pay an overdue balance on an Xbox service?

To settle a late payment, you must go to Microsoft’s services and subscriptions page.

Then you should click Manage on the service in question then click on Change the way you pay. Next, add a new payment option.


How do I manage a child’s services account?

Instead, you should go to Microsoft services and subscriptions sitesign in with the child’s account and manage the services.


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