Unless you’re trying to play a free (F2P) game, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold membership to enjoy a game’s online features.

Xbox Live Gold membership doesn’t just grant players multiplayer access, other perks make the membership a wise investment. In addition to enjoying the multiplayer features of their favorite games, Xbox Live Gold members get two free games per month. Subscribers also receive up to 50% off select titles in the Microsoft Store, which means the subscription is practically starting to pay for itself.

Here’s how much Xbox Live Gold costs.

  • One-month Xbox Live Gold: $ 9.99
  • Three-month Xbox Live Gold: $ 39.99
  • Six months Xbox Live Gold: $ 39.99
  • Xbox Live Gold for 12 months: $ 59.99

Gamers who want to avoid paying the full price of their Xbox Live Gold membership can keep an eye out for gift card discount offers. These offers allow gamers to get their Xbox Live Gold membership for less.

There is also another subscription system offered by Microsoft which may be more cost effective for most gamers. Not only does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer the same benefits as Xbox Live Gold, it also gives gamers access to over 100 high-quality games and EA Play.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can play their favorite games via the cloud through their PCs, phones or tablets, making this subscription a better alternative for gamers with limited libraries and users who like to play on the go. An active subscription is required to access these games, so subscribers will not be able to continue playing the games they downloaded during their subscription after it expires.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs $ 14.99, and like other subscriptions, it will renew every month, unless players manually cancel their subscription.

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