The “video game” descriptor covers a fairly wide range of experiences, from a 4-hour jaunt through a horror campaign to a long, winding journey through a fantasy realm. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced a useful new tool in the Xbox app on PC to fix that exact problem: it’s a feature that tells you, on average, how long it takes to beat a game.

The ad reads, in part: “We’ve partnered with HowLongToBeat for a unique feature that makes it even easier to choose your next PC game – starting today, you can see estimates of how long it will take. you will need to complete a game in the game details pages for most PC Game Pass games.

HowLongToBeat is a long-running community project where players can submit data on how long it took them to complete a game, while accounting for various playstyles. For example, going through the main questline of one game and beating the final boss can take 20 hours according to averages based on player submissions; doing all side quests and unlocking optional paths can take 35, while playing the game at 100% can take 50.

It’s a nice quality of life feature to have, especially since Xbox Game Pass has such an extensive library to browse. Sometimes you’re in the mood to settle in and feast on a 100+ hour RPG; other times you just want something cold that you can knock out over the course of a few evenings.

There are other changes to the Xbox app on PC, including easier navigation and better layouts for an individual game’s page. The latest update also improves the app’s performance and reliability, launching 15% faster and reducing player reports of failed downloads by almost half.


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