For some unclear reason, the Xbox app is all the rage on Twitter, but it has led users to share a variety of their favorite game clips with the app.


It’s not entirely clear why Xbox The app is all the rage on Twitter. Maybe it’s because it received a new update yesterday that brought some new features, or it could be something completely unrelated. Regardless, the app trend has led many Xbox gamers to share some of their favorite game clips taken with the app.

The app allows Xbox gamers to save recordings they capture on their Xbox while playing and share them on social media sites like Twitter. This is a feature that Xbox recently dubbed, as the company added a feature to do so directly from a player’s console with the Xbox Series X / S.

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The trend on Twitter has led to sharing clips of amazing games. Some clips highlight some extremely lucky gaming moments, like the one tweeted by user Oak Magician. Their clip shows them wiping out an entire team in the battle royale Apex Legends with an incredibly lucky grenade throw.

Others tweet some of their most incredible pieces. User Javier Garcia used the trend to share an amazing clip of their insane triple kill in a tactical multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege with great use of its Critical Lean mechanics.

Other users, like Double, take the opportunity to relive some of their fondest gaming memories. Double in particular shared a clip of them and a few friends getting killed in a funny way. Call of Duty: War Zone using only riot shields.

Some other users take the opportunity to highlight more frustrating clips. User Dreamsful uploaded a clip to highlight Call of Duty: War Zone‘s battles various insects by showing himself dying from an airstrike while inside a building.

Still, more and more clips are being shared for users to let others laugh at particularly poor plays or silly mistakes they’ve made, like user Droid who spent a little too much time taunting an opponent in Call of Duty: War Zone and was punished for it.

Trend is a great way to highlight cool gaming moments and allows gamers to share what they love about games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty with another. The thread is definitely worth checking out, and there are a variety of shared games. Hopefully, with the Xbox and PlayStation both doubling down to make the process of sharing gameplay easier in the next generation of consoles, it will be even easier in the future to find snippets of fun games from the gaming industry. games.

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