Want to know if you need Xbox Live to play Fortnite? Various game subscriptions have long been commonplace for experienced gamers on Xbox and Play Station consoles. But for novice gamers, some subscriptions may raise questions. What will I get by purchasing a subscription? Do I need a subscription if the game is already purchased? Should I buy a subscription for my favorite free games? Depending on the subscription, the player gets temporary access to paid games, monthly in-game benefits, or simply the player has the ability to play online. All this mainly applies to paid games, but in the case of free games everything is a little different. Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular free games, fortnite, and tell you if you need Xbox Live to play Fortnite.

Do you need Xbox Live to play Fortnite?

First, it’s worth starting with the fact that Xbox Live includes Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live Silver is a free subscription available to all Xbox users. With this subscription you can play free games; otherwise, Xbox Live Silver has some limitations. At the same time, Xbox Live Silver is enough to play Fortnite and enjoy the same in-game benefits as Xbox Live Gold users. Speaking in this context, you must use Xbox Live to play Fortnite.

At the same time, there is also a second subscription called Xbox Live Gold. This subscription is paid and offers players many advantages, ranging from free access to paid games to early access to the latest games and the ability to play online. Moreover, Xbox Live Gold offers players many discounts on almost all games. So if you buy games often enough, you should buy Xbox Live Gold for $9.99. At the same time, with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you will not receive any benefits for Fortnite. Regardless of the subscription, you can play online, visit different game modes, chat with friends and receive the same rewards.


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In summary, it’s worth saying that Xbox Live Gold has advantages over Xbox Live Silver, and if you’re an Xbox fan, you should buy a subscription. But if you want to enjoy for free Fortnite gameplay, you don’t need to have Xbox Live at all.

Fortnite is available for PC on the Epic storePlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox OneNintendo Switch, Mobile and Xbox Series X|S.


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