After the release of a patch for the PC and Google Stadia versions of FIFA 22 A few days ago, EA Sports will now release the same update for console platforms.

Later today, you should see a new update for the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S platforms.

This patch is the Title 3 update, but should appear as version 1.14 for those who play the game on PS4. If you live in North America, the hotfix is ​​expected to be deployed early in the morning of November 9, 2021.

You can read the full patch notes for FIFA 22 posted below.

FIFA 22 patch 1.14 patch notes

FIFA Ultimate Team

  • [PS5 Only] Addressed some cases of an initialization message sometimes appearing when attempting to match in Division Rivals, and no matches were found.
  • We will continue to monitor this in the future.


  • In a rare situation, the ball could be moved during a free kick without resumption of play for both sides.
  • In some situations, the referee did not pronounce a foul after the goalkeeper made illegal contact with the ball carrier.
  • Addressed some stability issues that could occur during the 2nd Half.
  • Sometimes goalies would jump too far forward when trying to make a diving save.
  • These jumping animations did not affect a goalie’s ability to make saves.
  • In some cases, the referee wrongly canceled his advantage, resulting in an unintentional set-piece.
  • By playing as a blocked player, the opponent’s defensive line could have continued to follow the blocked player deep into their own half of the field, even when it was not beneficial to do so.
  • Home goals could sometimes have been recorded as a shot on target for the scoring team.

Career mode

  • Added an Edit Team Sheet shortcut on the Training Hub, allowing the manager to quickly navigate through team sheets for training exercises.
  • When transferred to a new club in Player Career, Pros with an OVR of 86 and above will immediately be part of the starting XI.
  • Career mode progress could have been lost between game sessions depending on how the mode was exited.
  • When exiting Career Mode, the save pop-up has been updated to have Save and Exit as the first option as it allows players to manually choose their save location.
  • In Player Career, the Avoid Concession goal user interface was not displaying correctly.
  • In Player Career, the player controlled by Pro could quickly unintentionally become a member of the starting XI.


  • Addition of 2 new board games to VOLTA ARCADE.
  • These will only be available after a server update. Please follow @EAFIFADIRECT to find out when this will be live in-game.
  • Added a shortcut to deallocate all skill points used in the skill tree.
  • Added audio signal that plays when there is a new leader in VOLTA ARCADE board games.
  • [PS5 only] When playing VOLTA BATTLES through Activities, the opposing team’s OVR may display an incorrect number.
  • When playing VOLTA BATTLES through Activities, the opposing team’s OVR may display an incorrect number.
  • The caption for the Signature Ability button was not always displayed during matches when the Signature Ability was ready to be activated.
  • When selecting an AI-controlled teammate from the Change Outfit menu available in the store and browsing through the available items, the player’s avatar might show up instead.
  • The ball could sometimes have crisscrossed the Musical Nets VOLTA ARCADE board game.
  • During the Wall Ball VOLTA ARCADE board game, the white shooting limit line will now display in red when the player controlled by the Avatar crosses it.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur during a VOLTA FOOTBALL Survival Match.

General, audio and visual

  • Updated some badges, comment lines, kits, banners, flags, broadcast packages, stadiums, pre-game scenes and tifos.
  • Updated 31 stars and 1 new star head.
  • This will only be available after a server update. Please follow @EAFIFADIRECT to find out when this will be live in-game.
  • Fixed various cases of typos and incorrect UI / text formatting.

FIFA 22 is now available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Google Stadia platforms.

Source: FIFA Forums

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