When installed on Windows, apps can register to launch as soon as you sign in to your account. While it works for the apps you need like screen capture tools, apps that can be launched later can get boring. It’s the same with the Xbox app, and this guide will show how you can enable or disable the Automatically starting the Xbox app under Windows 11/10.

If you are just playing on your Windows PC, leave it enabled as it is the focus of your game and should be available as soon as possible.

Turn on or turn off the Xbox app from starting automatically on a Windows PC

Similar to how you can turn off any app on startup, the Xbox app can also be deleted. You have the following options:

  1. Starting Windows
  2. Launch the app in the background
  3. Uncheck in the application launch settings

You do not need administrator permission and only assign individual account settings.

1]Starting Windows

Disable starting the Xbox Windows app service

The easiest way to disable any application on startup is to use Task Manager. Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys on the keyboard to launch the Task Manager. Please switch to the Startup tab, then find the Xbox app and right click on it. Choose to disable it if it is enabled. If you want to activate it, do the reverse.

2]Disable from the application launch settings

Xbox app launch settings

Open the Xbox app and click on your profile icon at the top right. Then click on Settings. Switch to the General section and clear the Automatically launch application on startup check box. Close the application. The next time you start your PC, you shouldn’t see Xbox loading automatically.

3]Launch the application in the background

If you want the application to launch but you do not want to appear in the foreground and remove the focus, you can uncheck the option Automatically launch application on startup but keep the option Launch application in background . It will silently launch the Xbox app and be ready when you need it.

How to stop the automatic start of applications?

  • Open Windows settings (Win + I)
  • Go to Applications> Startup
  • Locate the app and deactivate it

You will have to repeat this operation for each application that you do not want to launch. Also, once you disable programs you don’t need, it should help speed up your PC.

What kind of apps should I deactivate?

Apps that you don’t need right away can be removed from Startup, but that will also depend on your job. For example, if you use a screenshot tool, you might want it to be there if you use it most of the time. Apps like Spotify don’t need to be there the moment you log in. So choose wisely

Hope the post was easy to follow and you were able to turn the Xbox app on or off from autostart on Windows 11/10. It all depends on your choice. Those who play would love to have this app right away; otherwise, it can be disabled to save startup time.

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