We’re now about to release the open beta of Warner Bros.’ new free-to-play title, Multiversus, and many players are wondering if a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership is required.

The title will see a huge and varied roster of Warner Bros. favorites including LeBron James, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman go head-to-head Super Smash Bros. style. on a range of familiar scenes.

Its free elements, recognizable characters, and internet hype mean the title is likely to get millions of downloads once the beta releases.

To help you prepare for this release, here’s whether you’ll need a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership to access the Multiversus Open Beta later today.

MultiVersus | Official Gameplay Trailer

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MultiVersus | Official Gameplay Trailer






Does the Multiverse Beta require a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership?

Fortunately, in a FAQs on their site, Warner Bros. Games confirms that the game will be truly free. He is pointing out that “Neither a PlayStation Plus membership nor an Xbox Live membership is required to play MultiVersus.

Although the game is free to download and does not require any paid subscription, there will be paid features in the game.

Warner Bros. confirmed that there will be a premium currency called “Gleamium” which can be used to unlock characters as well as a Premium Battle Pass with Season 1 starting on July 9.

It should be noted, however, that all Battle Pass characters and items can be unlocked without paying a penny, it may take a bit longer to do so.

Players can also purchase the standard, deluxe, and premium Founder’s Packs which include items such as character unlock tokens, battle passes, Gleamium, a unique nameplate, and exclusive banners.

In other news, Does the Multiverse Beta require a PS Plus or Xbox Live membership?


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Does MultiVersus require a PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription?

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