The Battlefield 2042 beta allowed players to try out weapons in various categories, but not all of them can be considered one of the best weapons in Battlefield 2042. We have ranked each weapon from best to worst and counted them. first five.

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is now over, and players will have to wait for the game’s full launch on November 19 to see the full package. The beta gave players a taste of many of the game’s features, including the specialist system, evolution, and of course, weapons.

Players were able to try out ten weapons from the SMG, Assault Rifle, LMG, Marksman, Sniper, Utility, and Secondary categories. Some weapons have proven to be more effective than others in the beta, so we’re looking at the best of the best.

We’ve ranked each weapon in the Battlefield 2042 beta and counted the top five.

Ranked list of Battlefield 2042 weapons

Thanks to the beta, we had a few days to familiarize ourselves with all the weapons in the first version. Some weapons were better than others and better deserve your time in the Open Beta.

Here are all the weapons in the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta, ranked from best to worst.

  1. M5A3
  2. SWS-10
  3. K30
  4. LCMG
  5. PBX-45
  6. AK12
  7. DM7
  8. G57
  9. MCS-880
  10. M44

Best guns in Battlefield 2042

5. PBX-45

PBX-45 SMG in Battlefield 2042

Although Battlefield 2042’s Orbital map was massive, there were still plenty of close combat opportunities. This is where the PBX-45 really shone, being a great weapon for attacking targets.

While it has great range and low recoil for an SMG, it is more of a versatile one, and the M5A3 assault rifle is arguably the best option for those engagements.


LCMG LMG in the battlefield 2042

In the large-scale chaos of Battlefield 2042, having a huge magazine at your disposal is a powerful tool. The LCMG has proven to be a powerful choice in the beta, with its low recoil and huge ammo belt allowing players to tear apart multiple enemies without ever having to worry about reloading.

He doesn’t have the greatest mobility and his time to kill (TTK) isn’t the fastest on this list, so you might find yourself losing those 50/50 shootouts. But if you hold a position, you’ll want the LCMG to be by your side.

3. K30

K30 SMG in Battlefield 2042

The K30, often referred to as the KRISS Vector, was the best close-range option in the game. With an extremely low TTK, enemies unlucky enough to run into it don’t stand a chance.

Even if an objective is teeming with enemies, you can use the Plus system to set up a suppressor and run and shoot without them knowing where you’re going to hit next. He has a considerable kick, but stick to his ideal range and you’ll be nearly unstoppable.

2. SWS-10

Sniper SWS-10 in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield has always been known for its incredibly satisfying sniping, and the SWS-10 does just that. Despite being the only sniper rifle in the beta, it became the go-to for many players, not only because it was powerful, but also because it was fun to use.

Whether it’s taking long distance shots or pushing on lenses, the Plus system lets you tailor the SWS to your preferences. This allows for multiple styles of sniper play in a lifetime, which is especially useful for massive 2042 maps.

Its only problem was low ball speed compared to previous Battlefield and Warzone games, but once you learn the drop you can nail those long-range headshots without a problem.

1. M5A3

M5A3 Battlefield Assault Rifle 2042 Beta

Assault rifles are powerful tools in every FPS game, and the Battlefield 2042 M5A3 is no different. With a solid TTK and incredibly simple recoil, this is the perfect all-rounder.

Equipped with a Red Dot sight, you can easily use it for close range engagements. Then you can use the Plus system to attach the 4x scope and laser enemies within range.

While the other weapons on this list are powerful, the M5A3 was by far the best bet in the beta. If you were aiming for a high K / D, there was little reason to use another weapon.

Once Battlefield 2042 releases on November 19, all you need to do is pick up any weapon from this list and you’ll be good to go. However, a ton of more weapons will arrive, so there will likely be even better weapons to use.

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Image Credit: DÉS / EA / Battlefield Wiki

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