Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is here, giving players a chance to jump into a new map for a fresh experience on the popular battle royale title. The new Al Mazrah contains some familiar locations from Cod story and a new arsenal of weapons are at your disposal as you try to survive with your team.

Like its predecessor, war zone 2 is free to play on all platforms. But some gamers might worry about having to pour money into the consoles for a Xbox living gold or PlayStation No more subscription to play the game. So do you need Xbox living gold or PlayStation more to play Warzone 2?

Luckily, you don’t need a premium subscription on Xbox or PlayStation to play. war zone 2. You can download the game and get in on the action for free, although you’ll need an account on either platform to play.

This means that all players can technically enjoy war zone 2 free. But you will need a subscription to play the multiplayer mode of modern warfare 2so consider this if you want to try both games.

war zone veterans can expect the same rocky fight when they drop into war zone 2. Teams will still battle other groups to survive, but there are also environmental hazards, such as AI-controlled enemies lurking around every corner. war zone 2 is also launched alongside the MW2 Season 01 update, giving players a ton of new content to unlock as they dive into the game.


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