Do you need Nintendo Switch Online, PS Plus and Xbox Live to play fall guys? fall guys recently moved to a free-to-play model, but just because a game is considered “free-to-play” doesn’t mean it actually is. Some titles on consoles like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox require users to purchase a membership to play online. That said, let’s see if you need Nintendo Switch Online, PS Plus, and Xbox Live to play. fall guys.

Do you need Nintendo Switch Online to play Fall Guys?

No, you do not need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play. fall guys. It means that fall guys is truly completely free on Nintendo Switch.

If you want to play a title like Mario Strikers: Battle League Where animal crossing online with other gamers, you’ll need to shell out £3.49 a month to get a Nintendo Switch online membership. However, third-party games like fall guys and Fortnite generally waive this requirement.

Do you need PS Plus to play Fall Guys?


Nope! If you’re playing on PlayStation, you don’t need a PS Plus subscription to play fall guys on line. As long as you have an internet connection, you can dive in and hunt those crowns.

As is the case with Nintendo Switch Online, most free PlayStation titles do not require a PS Plus subscription. A PS Plus subscription is essential for games like GTA and rainbow sixBut no fall guys.

Do you need Xbox Live to play Fall Guys?


Continuing the trend, you don’t need an Xbox Live membership to play fall guys on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. However, Xbox Game Pass subscribers get additional benefits when it comes to fall guys.

Xbox Game Pass perks are free rewards given to subscribers as an added incentive to stay signed up for the service. The fall guys The Robo Rabbit costume was a free Xbox Game Pass Perk throughout June, while the Coconut Milk skin was available in July. Afterwards, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can redeem the Purple Hipster costume by visiting the Perks Gallery on their Xbox console or the Xbox Game Pass app on a smart device.

So in the end you don’t need Nintendo Switch Online, PS Plus or Xbox Live to play fall guys. Xbox Game Pass members get additional benefits, but overall, fall guys is really free all around.

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