Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Microsoft prepare for the launch of the Xbox Series X|S.

We’ve seen a new home screen and menus coming to current Xbox One consoles, a new “Power your Dreams” trailer, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer teased the idea of ​​Xbox Game Pass “platinum. “.

On top of all that, the brand new Xbox app was launched – but it received a mixed response.

Trouble line

The new Xbox app looks great, but hopefully some of them are just startup issues, and maybe explain why the app launched now, rather than alongside the Xbox Series X. |S.

ALL-IN-ONE – New Xbox app lets you stream games to your device

Reddit user u/FlamingHotNeato created a thread reporting the multitude of issues on the app.

They understand:

  • Icon color – The color is different from the Game Pass icon color
  • LFG (Looking for Group) is missing – launched in May, LFG allows community members to log in and complete activities.
  • Achievements are lacking
  • You can no longer change your profile picture
  • You can no longer send photos through the Xbox messaging feature
  • The Xbox symbol does nothing
  • No access to Xbox store
  • No way to redeem codes

Of course, that’s not all, but Microsoft must look to fix these issues before the Xbox Series XS launches.

Comments in the Reddit post say the app is “a work in progress,” so hopefully some tweaks in the coming weeks.

On the PS side

PlayStation, on the other hand, has kept many of its features under wraps (despite tearing down the entire console).

It wasn’t until recently that we first saw the PS5 UX, and behind that there are question marks over actual SSD space.

Likewise, it’s still unclear if you can store games on an external hard drive.

ALL SILENT – The PlayStation app has not received any such update

Xbox’s quick summary sounds remarkable, but we don’t know if the PS5 will feature something similar.

As for a new app, the PlayStation app didn’t receive any updates until the PS5 – despite the console arriving in less than three weeks.

Yes, the Xbox may have some startup issues, but it seems much better prepared than the PlayStation.

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