Update: Microsoft’s recent changes to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live in the UK will be rolling out to the rest of the world.

In a statement to The edge (opens in a new tab) (Going through Eurogamer (opens in a new tab)), Microsoft said that “changes to inactive subscriptions will initially roll out in the UK and will soon be available globally.”

Details of the changes, which will see Microsoft offer more transparent information regarding auto-renewal, refunds, and inactive subscriptions, are outlined below.

Original story:Microsoft is changing the way it communicates Xbox Game Pass subscription renewals and price increases.

As revealed earlier today on January 27 (via Eurogamer (opens in a new tab)), Microsoft has agreed to change practices around Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold with the UK Competition and Markets Authority. Microsoft is actively changing the way it communicates certain aspects of the two subscription services in the UK.

First, Microsoft will provide more transparent information to customers about the two subscription services. For example, they’ll tell customers how to turn off auto-renewal and let them know when a service will auto-renew, as well as how to request a refund if a service auto-renews when they don’t want it.

Speaking of which, refunds will be easier to obtain under the new changes, as Microsoft will actively contact customers on recurring 12-month subscription contracts and offer them a refund. Additionally, Microsoft will also contact customers with active subscriptions, but who have not used said services for a long time, just in case they are unaware that they are actually paying.

Finally, Microsoft will be more communicative on price increases. The company will let customers know more in advance about price increases in the future and let them know how to turn off auto-renewal if they want to forgo paying the increased amount.

At this time, there is no specific date for when Microsoft will implement these changes for its UK customers. These changes are due to pressure from the UK-based Competition and Markets Authority, so it is also unclear whether the changes will be implemented for other regions outside the UK. at some point later.

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